LIVE: Sophia, The Lexington, London 09/05/2016
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LIVE: Sophia, The Lexington, London 09/05/2016

by Stefania Ianne The intro to ‘Unknown Harbours’ accompanies the band’s entrance on stage at The Lexington: a trendy London pub on the ground floor with a hidden live venue on the first floor. I’m surprised to see five musicians on stage. Robin Proper-Sheppard has spared no expense for his first London gig in years. Sophia … Continue reading

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EDITORIAL: Mental health is everyone’s concern

©2015 Francesca Nottola September is Suicide Awareness Month and 10th September 2015 was World Suicide Prevention Day. The World Health Organisation statistics about suicide rates in the world show that suicide, despite affecting mostly low and middle-income countries (75% of global suicides in 2012), is a global phenomenon and it ‘accounted for 1.4% of all deaths … Continue reading